The Food Bistro is an attempt to put together the combined efforts of everyday cooking in a very snazzy way. Cooking is an art and if you cook with love and interest the taste is double fold. So come into The Food Bistro and binge to your heart's content and dole out the best food your family could ever have had. ! Happy Cooking !

Pepper corn salad

With some of the easiest ways of making a salad the pepper corn salad is my favorite. Very easy on the stomach and filled with nutrition. 

Serves 3
Time  taken 10 minutes ( including cutting ) 
Chilling time Half an hour


Red pepper 1
yellow pepper 1
Green pepper 1
a bowl of corn
a dash of lime juice
a small slit green chilly
salt to taste 

Take a bowl and cut the peppers and chill them till they have to be served. Microwave the corn and keep it aside. Drain the water. Mix before serving adding the lime juice and salt.